New energy closed loop industry chain

Create a new energy closed loop industry chain with core technology and intellectual property rights

The "LTO" material fills up the industry material blank LTO material is the high-tech material which was absent in battery industry in China, Yinlong energy acquired the international leading LTO core technology by stockholding US Altairnano technology Co., Ltd. MORE >>>
high safety There is no reaction between high safety LTO material and electrolyte, thus nearly no SEI film was generated, which improved battery stability and safety, avoiding fire cause by overheating in the battery
Fast charge: Only 6 minutes The LTO core technology has enhanced the battery performance of fast charge and discharge, it only takes six minutes to fully charge or discharge
Long cycle life The LTO battery can complete charge & discharge up to 30,000 cycles
Wide temperature range LTO has stable structure, there is no SEI film formed on the surface. The dynamic performance at low temperatures can still maintain as normal tempreture, it could be charged and discharged from -50 to 60 ℃.
Currently, lithium batteries with graphite negative electrode can discharge at -40°, but cannot be charged at lower -20°
产业化的成熟工艺 百项娱乐世界专利,以技为先推动行业巨变
We have perfect technology process and equipment.
five research institutes with the collection of Chinese and foreign research elites Yinlong new energy has set up a R&D center, which is based on the Zhuhai new energy research institute and the U.S. technology R&D center.
Lead by Chen Qingquan as chief scientist, who is the chairman of world electric vehicle association, the R&D consist of hundred elites with academician, doctor and master degree.